Kyoshi Warrior Suki

Series: Avatar the Last Airbender

Year Completed: 2009

Suki was meant to be a relatively simple, straightforward costume. Since this is supposed to be an outfit that Suki fights in, I wanted it to be comfortable and made of lighter, breathable fabric. That choice was also for my own comfort. The basic design is a kimono style top with a long, two layer skirt with a petticoat underneath for volume. The most complex part of the costume was the chest armor, which I made by covering a light upholstery foam with fabric. 

Materials Used: 

I made the top and skirt both out of cotton. The chest piece is upholstery foam covered with some kind of poly blend I had in my stash at the time. I made the headpiece by covering craft foam with a combination of paperclay and paper mache, then painting it to match the fans and the rest of the costume. 

Suki’s Reference