Small Victories

The days are still blending together for me, but I’m less exhausted. Just a little less exhausted, but even that is something.

I’ve been working on a map in Photoshop. I’m a huge nerd for tabletop rpgs, and I have two of the Pugmire source books that I’ve been dying to run a game in. Sadly, the maps in the books available so far have maps of specific areas, but not a full world map. So I’ve been trying to make my own. It’s going well so far, but I wanted to draw some dotted lines to mark country/kingdom borders. I never knew how to do that in Photoshop before. I could do a straight dotted line with a pattern fill, but if I wanted a curvy dotted line, I had no clue how to do it.

And now I know. A half hour of google searching and video tutorials coupled with finding menus in Photoshop that I did not previously know existed, and I’ve got my fancy curving dotted lines. Before the end times, I probably would not have been that happy about it. But right now, every little piece of joy, however small and silly, is really exciting.

A map drawing in Photoshop
My sexy curving dotted lines. The difference in weight was not intentional, but I kind of like it. Also, I didn’t save one of the paths, so it’s stuck like that now.

Off My Lawn

I’m old. This is a hard thing to accept, but there we are. I’m old, and out of touch with technology, something I swore I’d never be.

I have an Instagram account. I’ve had one for a whole week, which is like a century in internet time, and I haven’t posted a damn thing. It’s not that I can’t figure out the interface. That much I have a handle on. Hit button, take picture, picture goes to internet. It’s just… what are you supposed to put up pictures of? Yourself? Your dog? Places you’ve been? I keep wanting to put… something up there. But then I hesitate, because I don’t really understand what you’re supposed to do, so I keep second guessing myself and thinking that I must be doing it wrong somehow.

Sigh. It’s like I said. I’m old.