Good Old Days

I’ve been digging through my old cosplay photos for Instagram, and it’s been awesome looking back through all the memories. Doing group cosplays with my friends are definitely some of my favorite sewing moments, and I love each of these so much.

Cosplay group from Angelic Layer
Angels ready for the game

We picked costumes based on what anime we were watching together and what shows were our joint favorites. I loved getting to not only enjoy new shows together, but then creating awesome costumes together to celebrate our fandom.

Slayers cosplay
Probably my favorite picture of our Slayers costumes

Now that we’re all adults with kids, joint costumes have been put to the side, and I don’t know if we’ll do more in the future. But I’m so happy we got to do these together.

Rozen Maiden cosplay
Rozen Maiden dolls

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