Wild Rabbits

Easter came and went while I wasn’t paying attention. Or I guess, more to the point, as part of the constant slow march of days that I’ve lost track of. It faded into the background of “ye olde end times” and I kind of missed it.

But I’ve been thinking about rabbits and other animals as part of my Pugmire map making fun. I’ve been reading source books about anthropomorphic dogs and cats, so how animals would act in a human-like society has been on my mind.

And to put these two random tangent thoughts in some semblance of order, I give you this picture.

An advertisement for some collectable bunny figurines.
Bunny Land

I think it was from an old Pier One catalog around springtime and Easter. I found it saved in my photos and had nearly forgotten it existed. And it’s a crazy thought exercise, because if these rabbits exist in a society, it is one wild place. At first I thought they were working under DuckTales rules, where pants are sort of optional and no one really makes an issue out of it. There is one rabbit wearing pants in the picture, but that could still work. That could be crazy Uncle Frank with his pants on. Or maybe pants are only necessary when you’re riding a bike? For safety, I guess? It’s weird, but that didn’t break my suspension of disbelief for this magical rabbit land.

But then there’s that bunny in the middle who only has a bow on. And there’s no way to explain that away. All the neighbor rabbits have to be scandalized by that one. There’s Susan again, laying naked in the yard with just that big pink bow around her neck. Really, the nerve of some rabbits.

And that is how my brain works when I’ve been stuck in the house since before Easter.

Nothing’s On

I’ve been watching way too much television lately. It’s not like there’s much else to do while trying to keep my toddler entertained and simultaneously avoid watching the news. So, instead of listening to people telling me exactly in what ways we are completely doomed, I’ve been compensating by watching Disney shows. I started on “The Owl House” today, and really like it so far. I’m only three episodes in, as that was all I could manage before my son got restless and we switched over to “Tayo, The Little Bus”, which is much more his speed. But I like “The Owl House” so far. Honestly, just hearing Alex Hirsch channeling Bill again when he voices King makes me extremely happy.

Not What He Seems

I ended up rewatching a bunch of Gravity Falls episodes the other day. They were on, I love the show, and my son liked the music enough that he tolerated it without pitching a fit. Every time I watch that show, it makes me happy. And Mabel telling Stan “I trust you” as she floats in front of the portal still brings tears to my eyes.

Also, I kind of want to cosplay as Giffany now. I’m definitely adding that one to the list.

Scent of the Day

I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about today. I’ve been completely exhausted this week and didn’t really have any energy to come up with post ideas. But then I realized that we were running out of hand soap, and went over to Bath and Body Works website, and that inspired me.

I love their stuff, but some of these scent names are getting ridiculous. Some of them are fine, and are just a description of the scent, like “Fresh Cut Lilacs” or “Kitchen Lemon”. To the point, if not a little bland. But then there’s “Unicorn Milkshake”. I mean, really? What is that supposed to smell like? I’ll know soon enough, because I’m totally buying that one. Really, how can I not? But I have so many questions. Is it a milkshake for unicorns? Or made by them? Or, on a more dark path, made of unicorns? Hopefully not that last one.

Then there was a soap called “Daydream”. That was it. I looked up the description on that one, just because I could glean nothing from the name, and it’s described as “an optimistic blend of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear & pink lily petals”, which, admittedly sounds awesome. Also, I did not know that soaps could be optimistic. Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong in life, by not having an optimistic enough soap.