Best Laid Plans

Well, I wasn’t going to make a new costume for Halloween. My plan was to wear a cute Haunted Mansion dress I’d bought, and leave it at that. But then, Arda Wigs and Silk Baron, two of my favorite and go to vendors for cosplay materials, announced a joint Halloween costume contest, and that plan went right out the nearest window.

So now, I’m making Sailor Jupiter’s dress from the Victorian Sailor Moon comic by Hell Strawberry. I’m so excited to work on this! I already had a wig for Jupiter, since I think I planned to make her school uniform at some point, and I love doing vaguely historical costumes. It’s going to be a rush, since I only have a few weeks to get this done, but I’m excited for the challenge!

Plans for a Sailor Jupiter costume
Sailor Jupiter Plans!

Good Old Days

I’ve been digging through my old cosplay photos for Instagram, and it’s been awesome looking back through all the memories. Doing group cosplays with my friends are definitely some of my favorite sewing moments, and I love each of these so much.

Cosplay group from Angelic Layer
Angels ready for the game

We picked costumes based on what anime we were watching together and what shows were our joint favorites. I loved getting to not only enjoy new shows together, but then creating awesome costumes together to celebrate our fandom.

Slayers cosplay
Probably my favorite picture of our Slayers costumes

Now that we’re all adults with kids, joint costumes have been put to the side, and I don’t know if we’ll do more in the future. But I’m so happy we got to do these together.

Rozen Maiden cosplay
Rozen Maiden dolls

Cosplay For Days

I’ve been doing the SheProp September Cosplay Challenge on Instagram, and it’s actually a lot of fun so far. I haven’t gone back and looked at my older cosplay pictures in a while, so it’s been nice to go take a look at what I made back in the day.

I started cosplaying when I was a sophomore in college, back in ye olden days of 2002. I had never sewn before, and was using my mom’s old Singer sewing machine from the 60’s, but somehow I managed to make Asuka’s school uniform from Evangelion. I don’t have a lot of pictures of my first costume, but I still have the uniform in my basement sewing room.

My first cosplay as Asuka
My first cosplay ever

I had no clue what I was doing when I made this outfit. It really was a complete miracle it stayed together through a convention, but somehow it did. I made a lot of mistakes on this costume (didn’t finish any seams, didn’t make the waistband right, didn’t really know how to use a pattern), but my favorite one was how I replaced a bobbin. I didn’t know how to use my mom’s sewing machine, and she was on a trip to Italy with her best friend while I was making this, so I was kind of just winging it. I genuinely thought you had to use a screwdriver to take half the bobbin casing apart every time you had to change the bobbin. When my mom got home and saw my finished costume, and I complained that switching the bobbin was the hardest part, she showed me what I should have done. Apparently, there was a little panel you could just pop off. I still laugh about that goof every time I change a bobbin now.

Sewing Stuff

And it’s been a while again. I’ve been keeping ahead of pandemic depression (and depression about pretty much everything else going on in the world right now) by doing excessive amounts of costuming.

And you know what? I actually made a lot of progress. I am officially finished with all of Carmilla’s undergarments! I finished a cool red petticoat, which was officially the last thing before starting on patterns for the dress. The corset could probably still use some fit adjustments, which I may go back and make, but for the moment, I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

Red petticoat
Red Petticoat

It’s also been really nice bonding with Usagi while I sew. Any time I head to my basement sewing room, she tags along to keep me company. And obsessively lay down on whatever I’m currently working on. But that’s just cats though. In her mind, she’s definitely helping.

Cat laying down
“I’ll just lay here, on top of this thing you’re putting pins into. That’s totally helpful, right?”

Work In Progress

I am finally finished making the undergarments for Carmilla! It’s taken me a few months to get everything in order, but I think I’m finally there. I have some adjustments to make to the corset and shirt. The shirt is a little big in the shoulders, and the corset is a little big in general, so I need to do a little work to see if I can pull everything in a touch. I also need to remake that lumpy bum roll, especially since my dumb ass didn’t realize that the red ribbon I used for the ties wasn’t color safe. Some of the inside of my corset and the bum roll itself is now a festive shade of reddish-pink. Luckily, I have the same ribbon in white, and enough leftover fabric that I should be able to redo it pretty quick. I also need to spot clean my farthingale to get rid of the last of my channel placement marks. The big blue lines everywhere definitely take away from the overall aesthetic.

My Elizabethan undergarments
Elizabethan Undergarments

Other than that, I may just add a few niceties. I may add some trim to the farthingale to hide the boning channels a little better, although I have to decide if the insane amount of hand sewing I’d have to do is worth it for a costume part that won’t be seen. I also want to add some buttons on the front of the corset to help hold the shirt in the right place. And I may add a little extra structure to the corset’s cups, just to keep everything… ahem… in the right place once the dress is on too. Although, for modesty’s sake, I think I’m going to end up taping myself into this dress regardless of what I do with the undergarments.

Elizabethan undergarments from the back
And from the Back

But, for now, I’m going to move on to patterning a petticoat, then mocking up patterns for the real dress. I’ll probably take a little break before I keep going, just to clear my head a little and give myself a chance to be happy with what I’ve accomplished so far.

Sewing Friend

It’s been nice to actually sew again, and one of the best parts has been spending extra time with my kitty. Usagi has been my sewing companion for the last 16 years now. She’s moved through four houses and four different sewing rooms with me, and through it all has always wanted to check in and see what I’m doing while I’m costuming. Even though she can be a thread-eating, fabric-stealing pain sometimes, I love that my little old lady still likes to come to my sewing room and hang out while I work.

Cat sitting on sewing supplies
Keeping me company and sitting on my patterns, as usual

An Ode to a Fictional Character

Today is a weirdly special day.  It’s the in-game 98th birthday of my old Vampire: the Masquerade character.  It seems strange even to me to still be invested in a character I haven’t played since 2016 when the campaign ended, but she – well, they, as you’ll see in a second – still hold a special place in my heart.  

Shrine to my gaming character
Because who doesn’t have a mini shrine to their gaming characters in their office?

Briony and Aughra Bonaforte were my split personality Malkavian vampires.  Even though one was technically a figment of the other’s imagination, they believed that they were twin sisters.  They had a very Jekyll and Hyde style to them, as Briony was innocent and kind of idealistic and Aughra was very angry, bitter, and prone to violence.  Courtesy of a very traumatic human childhood (because I can’t write a character without a tragic backstory, apparently), Briony had no real memory of her human life, although Aughra did.  They met their sire Ramses when they were 15, and by 16, they agreed to a willing embrace.  They were so much fun to play.  Unlike Jekyll and Hyde, the twins were very much aware of each other and interacted all the time, so I got to play talking to myself a lot in-game.  It took some getting used to, but it was a blast.  During the campaign, I started writing out the girls’ rather involved backstory, so maybe I’ll post it here as a series at some point in the future.

My character sheet
My character sheet at the end of the campaign

Even after all these years after the campaign ended, I still love these characters.  By the end of the game, they were living in Linda Vista Community Hospital, an old abandoned hospital in Los Angeles, and I imagine that they’re still there, protecting their city and trying to change the world.  Happy Birthday, you two.

Cosplaying my vampire character
The obligatory cosplay

Swatches and Sketches

I’ve actually been working on a cosplay again. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d made an honest to goodness costume. 2011. So, you know, almost nine years ago. I’ve made stuff since then, but it’s mostly been original ideas for Halloween or fun fandom based outfits. There’s been nothing where I have to match reference images or figure out crazy patterning, and nothing that I’ve planned to enter a competition in. It’s really fun getting back into proper cosplaying again.

On that note, I got an absurd amount of fabric swatches in the mail yesterday from Silk Baron. I love all of them, but I think I’ve chosen my favorites for Carmilla.

Costume sketch and many fabric swatches
So Many Choices…
Costume sketch and fabric swatches
My Favorites

I’m super hesitant to use velvet, but dang if I don’t love how that bright “Rose Petal” red velvet looks, so I’m doing it anyway. Also, I totally want to be able to call this my red velvet cake dress. The gold accents are really tough. I want the color to be bright and eye catching, but not so bright it looks cartoonish. I’m hoping the slight dotted pattern on the “Sovereign” color I picked will tone the color down just enough to give me the effect I want. The pink and black (sort of) accent colors are equally confusing. The reference colors from the anime aren’t consistent at all, but I’m thinking a coral-ish pink and dark purple together will pop against the red, and give a little richer color combination than using plain black. I’m not sure though. I reserve the right to change my mind, especially since it’s going to take me a while to make the absurd number of undergarments I need for this costume and even get to the point where I’m ready for fabric.

Cosplay Plans

I finally got this beauty into a condition I’m happy with.  

I wanted a way to keep all of my cosplay stuff organized, and although I like storing stuff digitally, when it comes to costuming, I do too many pen and paper sketches not to have some kind of physical planner for everything.  I picked an A5 size planner from Carpe Diem, since I have one that I used for organization on our trips to South Korea last year, and I love it. I had a bunch of stickers, dividers, and paper from their Reset Girl collaboration that felt perfect for a sewing book.  I’m happy I finally get to put them to good use.  

I also picked up a printable cosplay planner from Alice In Cosplayland.  I didn’t end up using all the pages from it, and I did make a few pages of my own, but the printable planner pages are awesome!  I finally feel like my cosplay and plans for future costumes are all in one place and neatly organized.  

And clearly, I have to have pictures of this insanity.  

The Front Cover
My To Do List for Carmilla
An Artistic shot of my “Current Projects” divider.
All my costumes ever. It’s weird seeing them all in one place.

Next on the list is retaking pictures of all my pattern envelopes so I can add them to this book.  I might need to wait until daycare reopens and I have a toddler-free day for that adventure.  

Ambitious Projects and Bad Ideas

I used to go to anime conventions and cosplay at least twice a year. Between adopting a child and everything else that’s been going on, I haven’t actually made a costume for about two years, outside of throwing something together for Halloween. I’d like to get back to sewing and costuming, and since I’m not the type to ease back into a hobby (a.k.a. a dumb person), I’ve decided to go straight for the most bat-shit crazy option I can think of.

For those of you unfamiliar with animated vampire films of the early 2000’s, that is Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I am a huge fan of the Vampire Hunter D light novels, and even though Carmilla does not actually appear in them, I have wanted to do a costume from the series for a while, and hers is amazing.

Seriously though, I’m not sure what I’m thinking taking this on as a restart project. The wig alone is the stuff of nightmares. And that dress defies physics in the way only an anime outfit can. But, you know, I guess I’ve had worse ideas than this.

Time to dig up my swatch book and see what I need.