Fandom Dress

Year Completed: 2016

I made this dress for Otakon in 2016. I wanted to wear something that expressed my nerdy side without wearing a full costume with a wig. I decided on a retro 50’s style dress made out of a SuperWhoLock (Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who) patterned fabric I found on Spoonflower. The dress itself is pretty simple, but I pattern matched the seams on the skirt and bodice to make them seem like one piece. I fully lined the dress and finished every seam. And for the best part, this is my only “costume” that’s machine washable!

Materials Used: 

I made the dress from a printed cotton from Spoonflower with accents in a dark blue poly blend. The construction was fairly simple, with mostly straight seams. I did a mockup of the bodice only just to double check fit. The back blue stripe was the only modification from my original plan for the dress, since there was no way to completely pattern match the entire gown, and I wanted the break in the pattern at the zipper to be less obvious.