Gemini Gown

Year Completed: 2015

I made this dress for Halloween in 2015. I wanted the dress to reflect dark and light and to have two different sides. I designed half of the dress in black and gold and the other half in white and silver. I wanted the white side to look a little more ethereal and flowing, so I added a sparkly overlay and used an underbust corset as an accent. I wanted the black side to be heavier and more structured, so I made half of a jacket with long sleeves and used an overbust corset over top the dress and coat sections. I probably won’t have an opportunity to wear this one again, which is unfortunate, since I love how the design came out. 

Materials Used: I made half of the dress with black silk velvet and the other half with white silk dupioni. The rest of the fabrics and trims were miscellaneous items from my stash. I tried to use lighter, floaty fabrics for the white side and heavier, more structured fabrics for the dark side. I made the black half of the corset from an upholstery pleather, and the white half from silk dupioni with a lace overlay and a duck cloth lining for structure.