Lucia Nahashi

Series: Venus Versus Virus

Year Completed: 2010

Lucia was the first costume where I started paying attention to construction methods as well as design. For Lucia’s dress, I started to finish seams, make mockups before I made a difficult section of the costume, and focus on making the interior of the dress look just as nice as the outside. Sadly, I don’t fit into Lucia’s dress anymore, but if I can ever manage to squeeze into it again, it’s still one of my favorites. 

Materials Used:

I made Lucia’s dress out of black Casa Collection satin. The purple lining is two layers of fabric, a purple satin covered with a sparkly purple chiffon. I fully lined the dress and built the white petticoat layer into the lining’s waist seam. I made the belt/bag out of microsuede, and patterned it myself. If I had it to do over, that bag definitely needs some more structure to it than it has, but since Lucia is semi-retired, I’ll leave well enough alone for now. 

Lucia’s Reference