Queen Beryl

Series: Sera Myu/Sailor Moon Musical

Year Completed: 2004


When I started on this costume back in 2003, I had the one reference image below to work from, and really not enough skills to get this costume made. But I was determined, fought my way through patterning issues and hard to manage fabric, and over the course of several years of modifications and additions, I’m really happy with how she turned out. If I had to make this costume again from scratch, I would do almost everything differently, but I still love this sparkly evil queen. 

Materials Used:

The main dress and train are made from purple confetti dot fabric. The accessories are made from a variety of gold and silver metallic spandex fabrics. I made all of the beaded trim by hand, by stringing beads onto head pins, bending a loop in each head pin end, then stringing all of those head pins onto a wire to give the beaded trim shape. The dress itself was based on a commercial pattern which I heavily modified to give the front of the dress its distinctive shape. I also made a bodysuit out of a shear mesh to allow attachment of the shoulder horns and jewelry. I made the staff from paperclay covering a wire mesh and aluminum foil base. 


Queen Beryl’s Reference