Suiseiseki Gown

Series: Rozen Maiden

Year Completed: 2011

Suiseiseki was my first giant ballgown build, and boy was she a beast. I made everything on this costume, from the corset and the cage crinoline to the bodice and the skirt. I think there were about 15 yards of fabric in this behemoth, and that’s only for what’s visible when I’m wearing it, not including all the undergarments. If I decide to break her out again, I need to update a few things, including giving the black vest a little more structure, but generally I am very pleased with how she turned out. One of my friends and I also won Best Friday Beginner at Otakon with this costume in 2011.  

Materials Used:

I made the undergarments from a variety of cottons. The dress itself is green silk dupioni with black silk velvet accents and trims. There’s also a lot of spiral steel boning in both the corset and the bodice, and hoop wire supporting the cage crinoline. This was my first costume where I made every undergarment along with the costume, and corset making was by far the most challenging part of this costume.

Suiseiseki’s Reference