Victorian Sailor Jupiter

Series: Victorian Sailor Moon by Hell Strawberry

Year Completed: 2020

I started on Victorian Sailor Jupiter on a bit of a whim. I adore Hell Strawberry’s comic that gives a Victorian era take on Sailor Moon, and even though I hadn’t planned to make a Halloween costume last year, at the last minute I decided to make this one with some fabric I had left over from Suiseiseki. I finished Jupiter in less than a month, which is amazingly hard for me for a historically inspired outfit. With Covid still being as bad as it is, I haven’t been able to wear this one anywhere but in my yard for pictures. But hopefully if things improve by next year, I’ll wear her to Katsucon. 

Materials Used:

The bodice and skirt are both made from silk dupioni. I hand painted the roses on the bottom hem of the skirt with watered down acrylic paint and a stencil. The trims on the bodice, sleeves, and collar were all from my stash, and I dyed some of them with watered down acrylic paint to match the pale green color of the bodice and skirt. 

Victorian Jupiter’s Reference
(Art by Ludovic Salle)