Never Too Late For Pi(e)

I planned to do this post last weekend when it was actually Pi Day. But courtesy of some really nasty food poisoning last weekend, I didn’t even want to think about pie, let alone make one. Since we’re stuck in some kind and of time loop where we’re not supposed to go outside, I figure my baking adventure can just stave off boredom instead.

I wanted to bake a pie, and figured this would be a great opportunity to try out the official Supernatural cookbook I have. I decided on the Scarecrow Apple Pie, mostly because I’ve made apple pie before, vaguely know how it’s supposed to turn out, and figured that might help me not screw it up.

My inspiration

I won’t go through every step of the recipe, but I’ll hit the highlights. It involved cutting up a bunch of apples, sauteing them with some seasoning, then filling a pie crust with them.

Apples on the stove
Sauteing some apples…

The only time I had to improvise was when I realized that the recipe called for lemon juice, and I had none. I got creative and used what I had.

A fake lime
“Are you the man with the lime?” It’s kind of like a lemon, right?

I made the pie crust too, since I hate myself, and used the recipe from the Supernatural cookbook. Admittedly, I have made (and messed up) a lot of pie crusts, and this one turned out very well.

Pie dough
Pie dough. Also, I’m pretty sure that pie plate is meant to be decorative, but I couldn’t resist crossing the streams.

I had some help while I was baking too. Mari had no idea what I was doing, but she wanted to be involved.

Shiba peeking around the corner
Excuse me, friend. I can help you with that pie.

I also got a little fancy with the crust. At first I was just going to do a lattice, which is complex enough, but I had extra dough, and couldn’t resist a chance to add an anti-possession symbol to the crust.

Baked and ready to go.

And there we have it. A pie that Dean Winchester would (hopefully) be proud of. At some point, I’ll do some more recipes from this cookbook, and see how those go.

Me in an apron
Given the apron, maybe a cake next time?