I took part in the Gish mini one-day hunt over the weekend, and it was a blast! These are some of my favorite contributions to our team’s efforts. I got to recreate the cover of one of my favorite books, using parts of old costumes and some improvisation. I made a Tolkien style fantasy map of my house and got to come up with cool fantasticical names for mundane rooms. I baked an anatomy cake, finally finding an excuse to use my Halloween skull cake pan that has been untouched in my kitchen cabinet for years. I built a photo backdrop for me and my dog out of old cardboard boxes. Many treats were given for Mari’s participation in that last one. I had a lot of fun and could help a great cause at the same time. I also met some awesomely creative people on my amazing team Huffleclaw! We all came together to do some incredible stuff!

A recreation of the cover of A Handmaid's Tale
Wearing a Harry Potter robe backwards to make this work
A fantasy style map of my house
The Land of House
A skull shaped cake
A cake decorated like one of those anatomy teaching tools
Me and a dog in a photo backdrop
The Illusive Shiba Fish