Cosplay Plans

I finally got this beauty into a condition I’m happy with.  

I wanted a way to keep all of my cosplay stuff organized, and although I like storing stuff digitally, when it comes to costuming, I do too many pen and paper sketches not to have some kind of physical planner for everything.  I picked an A5 size planner from Carpe Diem, since I have one that I used for organization on our trips to South Korea last year, and I love it. I had a bunch of stickers, dividers, and paper from their Reset Girl collaboration that felt perfect for a sewing book.  I’m happy I finally get to put them to good use.  

I also picked up a printable cosplay planner from Alice In Cosplayland.  I didn’t end up using all the pages from it, and I did make a few pages of my own, but the printable planner pages are awesome!  I finally feel like my cosplay and plans for future costumes are all in one place and neatly organized.  

And clearly, I have to have pictures of this insanity.  

The Front Cover
My To Do List for Carmilla
An Artistic shot of my “Current Projects” divider.
All my costumes ever. It’s weird seeing them all in one place.

Next on the list is retaking pictures of all my pattern envelopes so I can add them to this book.  I might need to wait until daycare reopens and I have a toddler-free day for that adventure.