Day 40

I think I kind of did it!

I posted for 40 straight days, more or less, and am finally at the goalpost. I’ll probably add one last post tomorrow, since I… ahem… missed that one day. But then I’m going to switch to a more reasonable and sustainable posting schedule. I think this helped though. I’m definitely in the habit of writing more.

Since it’s also Shiba Sunday, here’s an adorable picture of my dog in her favorite spot on the couch.

Shiba trying to sleep

Sleepy Shiba

Today has been kind of boring and tedious, for some weird reason. I’m pretty much just exhausted, everyone in the house is some level of sick, and I could totally go to bed right now, even though it’s not even dark out yet.

So, since it’s such a lazy day, for Shiba Sunday I decided on a picture of Mari sleeping. I took this one this afternoon while my girl was napping. She was not impressed with my picture taking.

Sleeping Shiba Inu

Introducing Shiba Sunday

I have an adorable dog. She can be an incredible jerk at times, but her cuteness always keeps anyone from being annoyed with her for too long. So I thought, in honor of my adorable dog, I’d start a new feature here called Shiba Sunday. I get more stuff to post about on a regular basis, you get cute Shiba Inu pictures, and we all get to enjoy some quality alliteration.

For my first entry, here’s a before and after picture of my girl Mari. The top picture is her when we first brought her home, and the bottom is her now at seven, rolling around on the sofa like a fool.

My shiba inu, Mari, back when she was a puppy and now.