A Little Late for Pi(e)

My blog’s anniversary is March 14, a milestone which I missed completely this year.  That being said, I missed a bunch of nerd milestones last year, including Future Day (the day Marty McFly travels forward to in Back to the Future, Part II) and, according to some random internet sources, Third Impact (the strange, maybe world-ending close to Neon Genesis Evangelion).  Although, missing out on potential giant robot apocalypse is probably not a bad thing.

All the same, I am a bit sad I missed Pi Day this year, as it is my blog’s anniversary.  So even though I’m about two weeks late, I figured to celebrate I’d post a picture of the pie I made last year for Pi Day.  

pi pie

And of course, I added a Pi to the pie, because you can never have too much Pi…er… pie.  
Okay, I’ll stop saying pie now, before Dean Winchester materializes as my desk.  

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