Here We Go

So, a lot has happened since August. The biggest thing was that my husband and I went to Tokyo once, and Seoul twice, and brought home a son the second time. Suddenly going from having no children to having a small toddler running around the house has been, to say the least, an adjustment. I naively thought I’d have time to write over my parental leave, but not so much. Hopefully I can start to remedy that now.

I probably won’t end up writing about my son that much, even though he’s now a huge part of my life. This is mostly so that some future spouse or employer can’t Google four hundred embarrassing stories about things he did when he was two.

I do want to write about our trips to Japan and South Korea, hopefully before I forget everything that happened. And I’ve got some other fun stuff in the works, if I can just find some free time.

So, in the immortal words of Stan Pines…

Here we go.

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