My dog and cat have been a constant source of affection and irritation (sometimes at the same time) during the pandemic. Both of them are adorable, and both have decided that our son is the real enemy that they need to ally against. So, both of them have ended up being much sweeter to my husband and me. Both Mari and Usagi bring me so much joy, and I just had to share how cute they are.

Cat laying on my hand
Usagi laying on me holding my hand with her paw
Dog peeking under a table
Mari laying on my husband and peeking under the table


I’m too exhausted today to write a real post, since my job is currently being a massive pain to deal with. But here’s a cute picture of my Shiba trying really hard to ignore me and sleep. I sometimes wish I had her life and could just nap whenever I wanted.

Shiba Inu sleeping
“I really need my 16 hours, mom.”

Paper Towels!

You know things are weird when the highlight of your week is finding a half a roll of paper towels in the guest bedroom from the last time you cleaned up cat vomit and realizing that YOU’RE NOT OUT OF PAPER TOWELS AFTER ALL!!! And this becomes the high point of your days a few weeks in a row. You start talking about it like it’s a major life event. Remember when we got married, and when we brought our son home, and when we found that extra roll of paper towels last week. Sigh.

Anyway, the pandemic quarantine is really starting to get to me, clearly. So here’s a cute picture of Mari looking adorable out in our yard. She was not happily smiling. She was disgruntledly chomping at me because I was trying to stop her from eating grass. Super cute either way, though.

Shiba Inu in the grass
Enjoying the sun, eating the grass.

Dogs and Cats

My pets have definitely helped keep me sane during this pandemic. Everyday they seem to do something new and ridiculous to make me smile.

Yesterday, for example, Mari, our Shiba Inu, decided she wanted to share the last sunbeam of the day with our cat, Usagi. Usagi is 16 years old, and as a senior cat, she does not like to put up with any crap from her seven year old younger dog sister. So when Mari started inching toward the sunbeam, Usagi just started glaring at her like the dog had killed her grandma. When I took the picture of them together, I thought Mari was being super cute about it and trying to share. I was wrong. After a slow, 10 minute long crawl across the floor, Mari had taken over most of the sunbeam and ran Usa out of her space. The cat glares were transferred immediately to me for letting such a hostile takeover slide.

Shiba Inu and cat sharing a sunbeam on the floor
I thought it was adorable, but Usagi knew what was up.

Today, Usagi decided that floor sunbeams were overrated, and that couch sunbeams were a much better spot. She curled up against the Marauder’s Map pillow on our couch, which I’m pretty sure is just her motto in life. Or, I guess it’s what she’s making do with, since we don’t have a pillow that says “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Cat sleeping on a couch with a Marauder's Map pillow.
Definitely up to no good, as soon as she’s had her nap.


I’ve been tired for the last several weeks. Well, for the last several months, actually, if I’m honest. And this week has been rough, between my job sucking and my wrist being injured again. Even so, I’m trying to find the joy in life around the anxiety and annoyance.

Like this, for example. My silly Shiba decided to be a goofball and roll around on the couch. She posed with the cutest face, and I just managed to get an adorable photo before she moved.

Shiba Inu face
Mari will make everything better

Wishing For Naps

I’ve been feeling really exhausted recently, and this week has hit me super hard. It kind of feels like every week hits me really hard nowadays, but still. I’ve been trying desperately to actually be productive, and work on my Carmilla cosplay or other projects. But everyday this week I’ve ended up napping right along with my son instead of doing anything. Maybe I can break the cycle today.

In the meantime, at least I’m not the only one in the house who needs a nap as much as my two year old.

Shiba resting on the couch
Couch potato Shiba, with remote control at the ready.