Paper Towels!

You know things are weird when the highlight of your week is finding a half a roll of paper towels in the guest bedroom from the last time you cleaned up cat vomit and realizing that YOU’RE NOT OUT OF PAPER TOWELS AFTER ALL!!! And this becomes the high point of your days a few weeks in a row. You start talking about it like it’s a major life event. Remember when we got married, and when we brought our son home, and when we found that extra roll of paper towels last week. Sigh.

Anyway, the pandemic quarantine is really starting to get to me, clearly. So here’s a cute picture of Mari looking adorable out in our yard. She was not happily smiling. She was disgruntledly chomping at me because I was trying to stop her from eating grass. Super cute either way, though.

Shiba Inu in the grass
Enjoying the sun, eating the grass.

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