Dogs and Cats

My pets have definitely helped keep me sane during this pandemic. Everyday they seem to do something new and ridiculous to make me smile.

Yesterday, for example, Mari, our Shiba Inu, decided she wanted to share the last sunbeam of the day with our cat, Usagi. Usagi is 16 years old, and as a senior cat, she does not like to put up with any crap from her seven year old younger dog sister. So when Mari started inching toward the sunbeam, Usagi just started glaring at her like the dog had killed her grandma. When I took the picture of them together, I thought Mari was being super cute about it and trying to share. I was wrong. After a slow, 10 minute long crawl across the floor, Mari had taken over most of the sunbeam and ran Usa out of her space. The cat glares were transferred immediately to me for letting such a hostile takeover slide.

Shiba Inu and cat sharing a sunbeam on the floor
I thought it was adorable, but Usagi knew what was up.

Today, Usagi decided that floor sunbeams were overrated, and that couch sunbeams were a much better spot. She curled up against the Marauder’s Map pillow on our couch, which I’m pretty sure is just her motto in life. Or, I guess it’s what she’s making do with, since we don’t have a pillow that says “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Cat sleeping on a couch with a Marauder's Map pillow.
Definitely up to no good, as soon as she’s had her nap.

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